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The name really says it all: Children’s Circle of Care is a very special group of philanthropists who donate generously to form a circle of support for the patients and families at Rady Children’s Hospital.

Through annual gifts of $10,000 or more, Children’s Circle of Care members support a common mission: to advance the work of pediatric healthcare, research and education to benefit children.

Although Children’s Circle of Care has a presence throughout North America through 24 of the most prestigious children’s hospitals, it is most meaningful to our Rady Children’s Hospital members that all gifts remain here for the benefit of children in the greater San Diego area.

Children’s Circle of Care ensures that Rady Children’s Hospital is ready to help every child who needs us with the finest in medical services and compassionate care.

For more information on becoming a member, contact Michelle Pius at michelle@piuscg.com or 858-926-0071 or Elise Molin at friismolin@mac.com or 858-504-0798.

While our highest attention must be paid to the children in our hospital and our community, Circle of Care members can also take pride that the work done here will help children across the nation and around the globe.

Please join your friends, neighbors and colleagues in supporting Rady Children’s Hospital to ensure a healthier future for our children.


  • Invitation to all Children’s Circle of Care member events in San Diego
  • Invitation to the Rady Children’s Hospital Annual Meeting luncheon
  • Name recognition in the Rady Children’s Hospital Annual Report
  • Name recognition in the North American Children’s Circle of Care Annual Report
  • Annual name listing within Rady Children’s Hospital’s Rose Pavilion main lobby

(Rancho Santa Fe Auxiliary and Rancho Santa Fe Residents)

Mr. & Mrs. William Ayyad

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beulke

Mr. & Mrs. Henny den Uijl

Mr. & Mrs. Nasser Digius

Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Douglass

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Flatley

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hughes

Dr. & Mrs. Scott Kahn

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Kourie

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lekven

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Leonard

Ms. Star Lerach

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Luddy

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. McCain

Ms. Maria Medina

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Mikles

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Morse

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Polk

Dr. Judith Posnikoff

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reasons

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rosetta

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. John Simon

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sourapas

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Spiegel

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Whitworth

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* $10,000 in a calendar year



Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta –Atlanta, Georgia

Children’s Hospital – Boston, Massachusetts

Children’s Memorial Medical Center – Chicago, Illinois

Children’s Hospital Medical Center – Cincinnati, Ohio

Children’s Hospital – Columbus, Ohio

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas – Dallas, Texas

The Children’s Hospital – Denver, Colorado

Texas Children’s Hospital – Houston, Texas

Arkansas Children’s Hospital – Little Rock, Arkansas

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – Los Angeles, California

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Northern California – Oakland, California

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health – Palo Alto, California

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

St. Louis Children’s Hospital – St. Louis, Missouri

All Children’s Hospital Foundation – St. Petersburg, Florida

Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego – San Diego, California

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center – Seattle, Washington

The Hospital for Sick Children – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Children’s National Medical Center – Washington, D.C.

For more information about the Circle of Care organization, please visit our web site at www.childrenscircleofcare.com

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