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07 May, 2014
Fairbanks Club House, 17651 Circa del Norte Rancho Santa Fe CA.,92067

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About this event

Aram Cortes

Born in Guadalajara Jalisco 28 years ago; Aram was first influenced by his father, an architect by profession, to find the beauty in textures, colors, and paint strokes.

Motivated by a close friend, that shared a love for all things art, Aram accompanied her to an art workshop. It was there that he realized the profound connection and hold that art has in his life.

Under the guiding hand of his friend and mentor, the renowned artist Enrique Monraz, Aram developed a discipline and passion that allowed him to create a style all of his own.

Oils, surrealism, juxtaposition and other elements are the “tools” which defend and define Aram’s style.

 “All colors. No limits”